The Family Business

I can frequently be heard to exclaim that I am not really a cyclist. Many people would say I am but my perspective on the label has been skewed with growing-up alongside someone who really is; my sister, Jo, has a tendency towards the physically extreme. A Firefighter by trade, over the last fifteen years she has seen success in progressing through the disciplines of marathon running, triathlon and Iron Man. Jo is frankly a bit ‘special’, an observation backed by a long CV of competition in weird and wonderful events and races.  We are not too dissimilar in what we do although she possesses a thirst for competition that is rarely excited in me.

Jo… my cycling mad/ generally mad sister

In itself this means nothing to you save for perhaps exposing the possibility that my current journey may be excused on the strength of genetic abnormalities. The reason I tell you this is that Jo and her boyfriend Cayden are preparing to ride the length of the British Isles, from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Riding unsupported they’ll enjoy ten one-hundred mile days unsupported and without a day-off.

Although I personally don’t ride for charity, the nature of their ride lends itself to doing so. They are looking for sponsorship, with all money raised going to the UK Ambulance Service Benevolent fund.

So if you want to support the efforts of a couple of ‘real’ cyclists and bona fide crazies then follow this link ( and show some support.

I’m sure they would appreciate your support as much as I do.


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