Cold & Wet On The Canadian Border

Justin and I made the first border crossing of the trip yesterday at 16:00 Alaskan time. We are now in Canada.


And into Canada the sodden traveler moves

Since we left Tok the weather has made a dramatic turn for the worse. Four days ago we were struggling with dehydration in 90 degrees plus, the last two days (and inevitably today) we have been battling temperatures in the mid 40’s and a steady chilling rain… an amazing turnaround! Our learning curve with dealing with the wet has been steep. Life is much harder than it was. We are unable to stop to rest as our core temperatures drop towards possible hypothermia, we crawl into wet tents at night and slither reluctantly back into cold clothes in the morning.

As we move further into Canada the weather is set to improve slightly but we are sure to have said goodbye to summer.


Cover is welcome at dinner time in Beaver Creek

Although a real challenge we are still managing to laugh at ourselves and the situation. With the help of others we are enjoying the trials and tribulations, and know that a retrospective look at these days through rose-tinted glasses will foster fond memories.

Having spent last night in Beaver Creeks out of season ice rink we are now raring to go… onwards and into Canada!


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